Community Archive Project

Paul Hamilton, CHS History teacher, and OldCHS have got together to start the "Community Archive Project", bringing together this website, the CHS History Department, current pupils, and volunteer students from Strathclyde University. Updates about the project will appear on this page. The first meeting took place on Thursday, 24th November 2016 at CHS and the team are planning to expand on the existing paper archive, digitising it and bringing the heritage of the school to life. Excitingly, this will also include the archives from Braidfield High School for the first time. Braidfield amalgamated with CHS in 2006 and their history is now part of our own. If you have anything which could help with this project, or ideas on how you could help, please contact us by clicking here.

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The second meeting of the community archive project team - 7th December 2016

The team's second meeting involved getting all the photos out from the filing cabinets, and sorting them into decades. Only once all the existing materials were laid out like this was the scale of the task clear to all. There must be many hundreds, if not thousands of images to digitise and upload to the site. Some subgroups have identified particular photos of interest and they will now begin to research these to get more in-depth context and background. Other sub-teams have taken entire decades of photos away to be scanned to allow upload to this site.

Some notable finds for the team were an old CHS blazer, old Braidfield ties and the original charter from the Lord Lyon King of Arms granting the school a coat of arms along with associated correspondence. Some of these will be used to create a display in the noticeboards outside Mr Hamilton's classroom which will hopefully generate further interest in investigating the heritage of our school. Meanwhile, Robert has been in touch with Clydebank Library and heritage team to explore the resources they have. The next meeting is due to take place on 20th December 2016 at CHS and a further update will appear here afterwards.


The first meeting of the community archive project team - 24th November 2016

Jennifer Craig, Samantha MacLean, Amy Anderson, Nicola Howie, Chloe Boyd, Paul Hamilton (CHS History teacher),
Robert Jennings (, Naomi Thomson, Kenlyn Murray, Morgan McWilliams, Ciara King,
Katherine Lebida, John McKenna, Ashleigh Smith.
Absent: Lucy Bowers, Stephen Docherty.