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Robert Jennings and Jim Dempster aboard the PS Waverley

Robert Jennings and Jim Dempster were pupils at Clydebank High School between 1995 and 2001. They are both the latest generations of their families to attend CHS with Robert's Aunt and Jim's Father both being former pupils of the 1960s and 1950s respectively.

They share a common interest in history and architecture and both were in abundance at Clydebank High School where they became friends having been placed into the same first year class.

Robert was Head Boy of the school in 2000/01, a position which he was very proud to have achieved and now works for a department of the Scottish Government. Jim went on to follow in the academic footsteps of many CHS FPs, graduating from Glasgow University with a degree in Technical Education. He now teaches in a Renfrewshire High School.

This photograph was taken onboard the PS Waverley during the Clydebank High School sailing "Doon the watter" to celebrate and remember the Shelley Drive building whilst looking forward to the new Janetta Street building.

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